It’s one of those days that I get to meet poor sales people one after another.

14 Sept 2010 – was a holiday and I took my family out to Grand Indonesia. 

First there was the sales girl at  Ad????  outlet who preferred to squeeze her black head or pimple vs. greeting customers and serving them.

Then, there were  2 sales girls at C & K  who were busily engrossed in gossiping with one another oblivious of customers around them seeking help. 

Lastly, waiters and waitresses at D  K  restaurant who quickly said “no” even before checking on a very simple request, who did not know how to offer alternatives for items (on the menu) that were  not available, who failed to advise “how big” a portion of what we ordered would be , who failed to give a satisfactory answer and instead blamed their own people at HQ for failing to get my Membership Card ready after 5 months.

 What a day ….. perhaps it was  “feng-shuically” a bad day to meet people.

 Went home after lunch ………..

 I said to myself, ………………….. if these people were in my organization, they won’t be there for long !!

 May these people with these “attitudes” are NOT PRESENT in NIRO !!